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Foldable Pool Tables vs. Traditional Pool Tables: What’s The Difference?

These days, buying a pool table for your home has become very much easier. Along with different ranges of sizes you can also choose between buying a traditional pool table or a foldable one. A foldable pool table offers you greater flexibility especially if your room has space constraints. Find out here the difference between traditional and foldable pool tables.

Foldable Pool Tables vs. Traditional Pool Tables

Foldable Pool TablesTraditional Pool Tables
Gives more flexibility while setting up in the house especially if you have space constraints.Although you can choose between a variety of sizes, the dimension is fixed. You cannot fold it.
Fewer Options For Designs.Where design is concerned, you will get a variety of options.
The fabric on the table is generally less resistant to friction.Since professionals use a traditional pool table so the fabric is much stronger and has greater resistance to fiction.
Very lightweight and can be carried outdoors.Traditional bool tables cannot be carried outdoors as they are much heavier in nature than foldable pool tables.
A budget-friendly option.Traditional pool tables come in a variety of price ranges yet they are a little costlier than foldable ones.
The table has three corners.These tables have four corners.
There are ten pockets in it spread evenly across the three different corners of the table.There are six pockets in it.
Although there are wooden frame foldable pool tables generally either steel or slate is used for its frame making it lightweight.Usually, the frame is made of wood but of course, there are traditional pool tables to have frames made of different materials.
Generally, legs are not found at the base instead has a flat surface called the tabletop.Traditional pool tables have legs.
The playing surface is much longer and also since it is a foldable pool table it gives the option to the player to move around its surface while taking a shot.Much lesser playing surface compared to the foldable pool table and also space constraints too while taking a shot. One cannot move all around the table, generally.